Hotel Accommodations


When you stay at Kings Island Resort and Conference Center, you will have all of the amenities of home. Below are items that you will find in your guest room during your stay.

• Refrigerator
• Complimentary WiFi or Wireless Internet available throughout the resort
• Desk/Internet/Phone
• Individual Room Climate Control
• Iron & Ironing Board
• New, Comfortable Bedding Package
• Hair Dryer
• Coffee Maker
• Shampoo
• Cable TV with 66 channels including CNN, Nickelodeon, ESPN & ESPN2


In addition to hotel room amenities, as a guest of Kings Island Resort and Conference Center, you have access to a wide variety of facilities and services:

  • Free Shuttle to Kings Island 
  • Extensive meeting and banquet facilities
  • Main Street Grille and Coasters are available for your dining and entertainment pleasure
  • Ask about "KIDS EAT FREE"
  • Business Center 24 hours (18 years of age and older)
  • Accommodations for the physically challenged
  • Gift Shop open 24 hours a day
  • Extensive recreation and health facilities including
  • large indoor and outdoor pools and jacuzzi
  • fitness center,
  • tennis, basketball, sand volleyball, corn hole, fishing, horseshoes
  • playground
  • Coin Laundry Facilities
  • Complimentary WiFi throughout the resort